Do not waste your marketing budget for views & clicks.

We do user acquisition with 100% ROI

Are you using Instagram, Youtube etc. to advertise your APP?
Their advertisement campaign systems can not guarantee you a ROI. When you run out of your budget, your campaign is basically over.

It is not same at Click Rising. With ClickRising, the campaign is forever even if you reach your goal. In our automated platform, you pay for installs only. and The videos stay on YouTube always.
Yes, it is great solution.

All-In-One Service

Paid User Acquisition

Organic User Growth

Analyzing and Tracking

Revenue Tracking and Scaling

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Approve your content creator

When the campaign is performance-based, influencers need to think outside of the box and create content which their followers engage with.So the advertisers only pay after the desired acquistion is completed.

Once you create a performance-based campaign on our platform, you will receive applications from a many content creators. After you approve which content creator you want to work with, they create unique content for you the way you want it.


Work with many to be more visible

It is much more efficient and cost-effective to work with 10 micro influencers with 50.000 followers than 2 influencers with 250.000 followers. It is science.With ClickRising, you can easily reach to micro influencers and manage your campaign efficiently.

Even after your campaign is over, your content will continue to be visible. Now, isn’t that great?


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