Don’t waste your marketing budget on views & clicks!

Only a small fraction of those end up converting.

Shift to a 100% guaranteed return on investment (ROI) platform, and make sure you get results! You set the price, they bring you the business. It’s that simple.

Are you using Instagram, or YouTube to advertise your app?
Their advertisement campaign systems can’t guarantee you any return on your investment.
And when your budget runs out, your campaign is basically over.

ClickRising offers a new way to promote your business. With our automated platform, you only pay for results, and the promotional content stays on the Internet forever — even after you reach your goal.

All-In-One Service

Paid User Acquisition

Organic User Growth

Analyzing and Tracking

Revenue Tracking and Scaling

Want guaranteed results?

Choose Your Own Content Creator

When a campaign is performance-based, influencers need to think outside of the box and create content which their followers will engage with. On ClickRising, advertisers only pay after the desired acquisition is achieved. Otherwise you aren't charged from your budget.

Once you create a performance-based campaign on our platform, you will receive applications from content creators. Then, you get to decide which content creator you hire to create your unique content — the way you want it.

Approve your content creator illustration

Work with many to be more visible

Working with ten micro-influencers with 50k followers can be just as or more effective than working with two influencers with 250k followers. With ClickRising, you can easily reach micro-influencers and manage your campaign efficiently.

Depending on your campaign budget, we can scale your apps/services to reach up to millions of customers.


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