Click Rising - Mobile Application Marketing Platform

Standard advertisement campaigns are unnatural and temporary.
When your payment finishes, the campaign also finishes. But, it is not at Click Rising.

Choose the permanent solution

We have built a marketing platform for Mobile Apps that is easier to use,
the result-based charge method.
The new way to help Mobile Apps interact with users.

Once we've detected your application potential users, we're choosing the best-matching YouTuber with potential users of your mobile app. In our system your budget is not spent on video viewing
only cost per click/install.

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    STEP 1

    Create Your Account

    • Sign Up to Create Campaign
    • Enter a user name and password
    • Start campaign for your Mobile App


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    STEP 2

    List Your App

    Explain your App features. Enter iOS and Play Store URL to share it easier with the same URL.


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    STEP 3

    Set YouTubers
    in Motion

    After you listed your application. Best matching YouTubers and Instagrammers for your mobile app are getting a notification to promote your apps.


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    YouTubers Promote Apps to get income

    YouTubers and Instagrammers share your application on their pages by suggesting followers.
    You start to acquisition user, YouTubers start to earn per click and per install.