Frequently Asked Questions

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For Campaign Creators

How do you decide which influencer works on my campaign?

We don’t — you do! Influencers apply to your campaign by responding to your campaign, and then you choose the one you want to work with. We have more than 134.000 publishers in our platform. Depending on your budget you will get hundreds of applications.

Can I manage the videos made about my product or service?

No, ClickRising is an result-based marketing service, not an influencer marketing platform. This means that all of the influencers we work with own and manage the content they create. For the best possible results, carefully consider the influencer you chose to work on your campaign. But you can enter a briefing and upload assets to guide influencers.

How long will it take for my video to appear on YouTube?

Depending on the influencer and your parameters, your video can take anywhere from five to 15 days to be created and approved before going live. Different influencers have different release schedules as well, which could mean that your video is finished and approved on a Tuesday, but doesn’t get posted until Friday, for example. Also not following influencers' schedule will result low performance for your campaigns. You’ll receive a notification when your video goes live.

If I choose PPC (Pay per Click), how can you guarantee that one person isn’t clicking my link repeatedly?

Each phone can only complete the desired action once. We use software to automatically detect [The IP address, device, etc.] of each phone. Even if five influencers create content for you and reach the same person who clicks through five different times, you will only be charged for one click through.

How does ClickRising protect against fraud?

Internally, we have a dedicated fraud prevention team whose main focus is to proactively prevent and detect any fraudulent sources by analyzing IPs, user behavior, mean time-to-install (MTTI) etc. We have developed fraud detection methods that analyze both real-time traffic and traffic that cannot be measured in real-time.

What advantages does ClickRising offer compared to competitors?

• You only pay per conversion (app install/transaction/signup), which means you only pay for results, not click-throughs
• We provide you with data analysis and user acquisition at the same time
• Performance-based marketing is highly measurable and poses no risk for user acquisition
• You can reach and manage tons of influencers with one button

Can I try your service for free?

We are unable to offer a free trial, because it is a digital service and requires paying a third party for creative work.

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! We work with Stripe, a top payment company, to guarantee your safety and security.

Can I update my card details?

Yes. Go to your dashboard and update your payment information.

Can I stop my campaign?

You can stop your campaign depending on our agreement. Once the campaign is stopped, you will not be charged. You will continue to have access to your account until your current campaign expires.

Can I request refund?

We do not issue full or partial refunds for any reason because it is a digital service.

For Content Creators

How do I get paid?

You get paid for every valid action whenever someone clicks on your promotional link. Keep in mind that you are getting paid for certain actions from certain countries. Once you have received your payment information and reach our minimum payout of $50, You can get paid via PayPal or wire transfer within 2-3 days.

I am an influencer on YouTube or Instagram. Will I get paid per click or per install?

Each campaign has different payment types and conditions. Depending on the campaign parameters, you can be paid per click, paid per install, or paid per action.

CPCCost Per ClickPPCPay Per Click
CPICost Per InstallPPIPay Per Install
CPACost Per ActionPPAPay Per Action
CPLCost Per LeadPPLPay Per Lead