Why ClickRising?

Because all-in-one service & no risk for acquisitions

Only pay for acquisitions.

The first Result Guaranteed Marketing Platform (RMP) helps digital products and services drive growth across for Acquisition and Revenue. Leveraging real-time predictive Acquisition Cost powered by attribution tracking, RMP is easy to implement and simple to use, avoiding the need for complex marketing solutions and unpredictable costs. ClickRising simplifies the life of digital products/services and helps them drive growth with zero marketing waste.
The new way to help mobile apps/businesses interact with users.

Unique Factors

We keep our videos on YouTube forever. The videos continue to stay on the internet even if the campaign is over, which gives you a permanent user acquisition and creates traffic source with a single payment. We are the best solution.

Pay Only for Results

Set Your Cost per User Acquisition

Revenue Tracking

Once Payment, Forever Acquisition

Why Performance-based marketing?

Performance-based marketing is highly measurable with no risk. It is like buying a huge billboard and only having to pay when someone reacts to your product/service.

Our system charges for installs only as CPI

At the same time, our smart-link system merges two links into one link. When this link is clicked, it executes all the parameters, identifies which operating system the clicker's device has and it leads the clicker to the apple store or plays store accordingly whether your application is only available for iOS or Android. That's why when you create a campaign and leave the Android/iOS part blank; blank clicks are not charged by our system.

Data Analytic Service

Our system can share the data such as the clicker's location, IP address, or device info, etc. with you. Besides, our work is a natural advertisement, the videos continue to get clicks as long as they stay on the internet even after the campaign is over, which gives you a permanent user acquisition and creates traffic source with a single payment.

Revenue Tracking

With Appsflyer SDK, we can offer you how much you gain from the traffic we provide. Our result-oriented service charges a price for you according to the rate of benefit you receive.

Target Location & Audience

Identify target users and target countries to request traffic. If you can specify which country and which demographics you want to work, our system matches the most appropriate Youtubers with you and your potential users.

You set, How much do you want to pay per acquisition

Instead of unpredictable advertising spend, you decide how much you want to pay.

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